A coworker of mine, whenever asked to do a task, always replied this way:  “No problem.”  He was easy-going, willing to learn, open to new challenges.  At a staff meeting the company owner remarked on this, being so impressed by his can-do attitude.  He and I were both university students, and were part-time workers at a retail store.

In this linked article, Jacquelyn Smith writes about phrases used in the workplace that are used too much, or are just inappropriate for a professional business environment.  I happen to agree with her comments, and would just like to point out that people in a Fortune-500 corporate environment and university students working in front-line retail sales will probably tend to speak English differently amongst each other.

Anyone in Japan still unsure about their English usage in a corporate setting should have a read of this, as the list is very appropriate for the business English learner.

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