Entering the year 2013, we at Kumo Consulting would like to extend our appreciation to the visitors to our website, the many people who have contacted us with their employment concerns, and to our clients for their time and energy.

We hope your new year break has left you refreshed and ready for the challenges of the coming year.  As many people see this as a time to make new resolutions we'd like to suggest ways to develop your ongoing success and motivation. 

1.  Keep a diary.  Note new people in your life and any projects ongoing.  Make a note about your successes and failures.  Review them the first of each month.
2.  Try something new.  Walk a different route to work, go to a new restaurant each week, read a magazine you've never read before.  Experiencing new things can keep your mind fresh and create new opportunities.
3.  Call people more.  The digital age has brought easy access to online social media, but the phone call often touches people in a way that text messages doesn't.  Care for your relationships.
4.  Research your competitors.  Gain knowledge not just about your industry but how your company is doing in the market, and how your competition is doing.
5.  Talk to leaders.  In or out of your company, if you have a conversation with someone more successful than yourself it will at least inspire you to improve.  Who knows?  Collaboration may even take place which can motivate you to further success.

Many columns offer advice on furthering your value to your organization; one interesting one we have come across is from Todd Wilms.

In all that 2013 brings you, best of luck and warm wishes.



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